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JTA_Sales.png   StopTradePercent 
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The StopTradePercent parameter is used to stop the EA trading on the chart if the Portion Balance drops by the set percentage.

Warning.png NOTE: StopTradePercent acts if the Portion BALANCE drops, and not the Portion Equity. This means that trades must actually close at a loss for StopTradePercent to work, and not simply be in drawdown.
Default is 10 (10%)


This setting determines your Stop Trade Balance.

Setting this to 10 calculates, on a $10,000 account, a Stop Trade Balance of $9,000.

The Stop Trade Balance is automatically adjusted as the account grows in size by the same number.

So, once the account balance becomes $11,000, the Stop Trade Balance is moved to $9,900.

Stop Trade Balance is moved in increments of the number selected in this setting.

Other EAs

The Stop Trade Balance is dynamically recalculated every time a basket closes, and so can not be affected by losses from other charts, or withdrawals from your account.

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