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This parameter is used to determine how much of the account balance is allocated to this chart. If you are running several different charts on the same account, then set the percentage so that the account balance is spread between all the charts. If one of the charts gets into trouble, then the reduced portion balance will limit the losses incurred if you have an EP hit. You can decide whether the Portion Balance is allowed to increase or decrease as the Account Balance changes using the PortionChange parameter.

Default is 100


This value is used in the Automatic Portion Control (APC) function to determine the base amount allocated to each chart.

For APC to work correctly, the total of all PortionPC for all charts should be less than 100%, as it is this remainder that is allocated to a pair with high DD.

Example: You have 4 charts running, so allocate 20% to each, for a total of 80%. On a $5,000 Account Balance each chart will be allocated $1,000, with $1,000 held in reserve for APC.

On the overlay, the figures in brackets next to Chart Portion show how many charts APC is monitoring, and what the total PortionPC amounts to. If the total PortionPC adds up to 100% or more, the label will be displayed in Red, indicating that there is no money for APC to play with.

After adding a new chart, the display will update automatically, but will need at least one tick for each chart before it settles down, so please be patient. If you have given it some time and the display is obviously wrong, then double click on the label showing the totals in brackets until you see a box around it, and drag it to the right hand side of the screen.

As each chart receives a new tick Evolution will automatically update them.

When a chart has been removed, it may take up to a minute for the portion totals to update.

Blessing Pro!, Ratz Trap

If a value between 0 and 100 is entered, then the EA will use that percentage of the Account Balance to calculate the portion that it is allowed to trade with. As the Account Balance changes, then so will the Portion Balance. If a value greater than 100 is entered then the EA will allocate that currency amount as the Portion Balance that it is allowed to trade with. Because the PortionPC amount is fixed, the Portion Balance will not change as the Account Balance changes.

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