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JTA_Sales.png   PortionDDLimit 
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This sets the limit at which Automatic Portion Control (APC) will start and must be less than MaximumDDpc.
As soon as the chart drawdown hits PortionDDLimit, APC will allocate another 5% of Evolution's share to this chart if available. This will continue until the total portion in use reaches 100%.
As the DD drops, the chart portion will reduce in steps of 5% until the original PortionPC is reached.

If APC is active on a chart, the Chart Portion will show the new PortionPC which will be displayed in orange, and if the total of 100% has been allocated it will display in Red on all charts.
The Portion Balance and Stop Trade Balance will change to show the new portion allocation.

If you do not want APC active on any chart but the total PortionPC allocated to Evolution is less than 100% then set PortionDDLimit to 0.

Default is 40
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