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JTA_Sales.png   MAEntry 
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Determines whether the Moving Average (MA) indicator is used as an entry method.

Valid settings are:

0 = This entry method is not used.
1 = Will place a LONG trade when the price is above the MA line, and a SHORT trade if below the MA line. If a value is entered in MADistance then a channel will be placed around the MA, which increases the distance that the price must move before the EA will open a trade.
2 = Will trade in reverse.

All trades will be placed with the trend.

Hedge the Hedge

If MAEntry is set to 0, then this entry method is not used. If set to 1, Hedge the Hedge will place a LONG trade when the FastMA is above the SlowMA, and a SHORT trade when the FastMA is below the SlowMA. Hedge the Hedge will not accept a value of 2 - but you can still set it to trade in reverse by switching the settings of the Fast and Slow MA.

Default is 1

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