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JTA_Sales.png   HolidayDates 
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This is a list of holiday periods when you want the EA to stop trading, each separated by a comma, in the format [day]/[mth]-[day]/[mth].

All dates are inclusive, and each set of holiday periods will be repeated every calendar year.

The EA can also automatically stop trading over the Easter period. The information is entered in the format 'E-2+3', where the E tells the EA that it is an Easter break, the -2 will shut down for the 2 days before the Easter weekend, and +3 will stop trading for 3 days after the Easter weekend. The date of the Easter weekend is automatically calculated, and both the - and + portions must be present. If you do not want to restrict trading during one of the periods then enter -0 or +0, but note that the EA will not trade on either Good Friday or Easter Monday.

Default is 18/12-02/01,E-3+3

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