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JTA_Sales.png   AccountPC 
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This sets the portion of the total Account Balance that you want to allocate to Evolution (all pairs).
This value only needs to be set for one pair, called the master pair. The master pair will be the last chart added to the account which has AccountPC set to anything other than 0.
If you have several charts with AccountPC set, then the latest addition will override the earlier charts, and will become the master.

The overlay will display (M) next to the Account Percent to identify the master pair.
Example: you have a $10,000 account, and want to allow Evolution to use half of it, so set AccountPC to 50 on the first chart added, and Evolution will have $5,000 to play with.
Evolution will never touch the other $5,000.

If the master chart is removed, then one of the remaining charts will take over as master.

default is 100
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