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Account Size Spreadsheet

by User:D4v3

This spreadsheet allows you to see how different settings for Grid Size, Lot size, Multiplier and Leverage affect the balance required on your account. The spreadsheet is based on the original Martingale_Level_Loss posted by ganapati on the Forex-TSD forum.

v1.2 includes changes for a Multiplier less than one which generates a static lot size at each level.

Blessing Back Test Analyzer

by User:EngrEric

Here's a small contribution that might help some people.
I was getting annoyed looking through backtests to find out the largest trade.
So I wrote this small program that takes a backtest in htm format and outputs a graph corresponding to basket size and occurrences.
Also I wanted an excuse to code a cool looking bargraph =) Try it out, just unzip and run setup, it should start after.
If it doesn't, you may need to install the microsoft .net framework if you don't already have it.

I am also working on expanding it to spit out the dates of the trades, and a bunch of other reporting as I need it, I welcome any feature additions you guys might need to help testing. Just let me know what you might like to see added.

History Tab Profit Indicator

by User:Enforcer

Here is a little tool (Indicator) for those of you forward testing several pairs. It will report each pairs profit...try it ..put it on a chart your not using...I posted my set up below...I put it on a EUR/USD chart.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to go into your history tab in the MT4 terminal and right click on a line and choose All this at the beginning of each month!

Knight Fire

By User:ianj
Modified by User:d4v3

This script will allow the user to place a manual trade and it will be considered as part of the basket by the EA. Make sure that you give the script the correct EANumber so that the EA can recognize it. It can also place a hedge trade if the hedge magic number is used. If used with Evolution it can also place trades for SmartScalp, WaveScalp and Contra Trades if the correct magic numbers are used.

Updated 10/02/2012 so that it will not run more than once if it is accidentally run as an EA, and not a script.

Updated 29/12/2016 to fix a bug that did not allow decimal point on the SL and TP values.

Knight Fire Calculator

By User:ianj

Its a script that you drop onto an already active basket/B3 instance/chart overlay - it will look at WHAT PRICE you dropped the script on (using the head of the cursor arrow on the chart) and calculate a NEXT LEVEL lot size that will take the BE of the basket to the desired level. Its great if you want to target a specific price level - i use it as a tool to help me manually escalate levels on baskets that are running at high levels and i am looking for a high probability way out so i'll target, say. a fib or a prominent resistance level.

If the chart you are dropping it on IS NOT a chart overlay you must specify a MAGIC so it can find the existing basket to calculate the existing BE. It assumes the CURRENT market price for the position. If you intend on placing a PENDING order you can specify the price and it will use that instead of the MARKET price - again i use the 2 together to detect onset of a likely retrace and target the BE at a specific retrace level (using the knight_fire_2_2 script).

Just to settle your mind - this script is only a CALCULATOR it will not raise/modify or close any positions

Data Integrity Checker

This is an EA which examines the historic data in MT4, looking for issues such as gaps and price spikes. Read the included .pdf for install instructions.

Spread Controller

This is a tool for manually controlling the spread used in MetaTrader 4 strategy tests. Read the included .pdf for install instructions.

Indicators to show Account Equity and Margin

By User:isaacp

I develop a library to export the account data on backtest + set of indicators to display the data on the screen. to use this library, it need to added 2 lines of code to blessing (I include a Blessing V3.9.2 with this lines), change the ExportAccData2GV extension to mqh (I can't attach mqh files), put it to the include folder, the ExportAccData2GVLib.mq4 to the libraries folder, and the other files to the indicators folder.

Script to show GridLines on the Chart

By User:d4v3

This script will display the grid lines set in GridSetArray as dotted lines on the chart

Indicator of Equity and Balance

The indicator draws the charts of equity and balance by the data of account's history, it uses the current opened positions for updating the charts in the real time mode as well. There is a possibility of drawing the charts of margin and free margin but only by the current values in the monitoring mode.

Find Magic Numbers

By user:d4v3

If you come across any orphaned trades on your account that are not associated with an open chart you can still get an EA to monitor them as long as you know the Magic Number. Use the following script on a new chart to get a list of all open trades with their magic numbers - you will see a list of all open trades on the chart and also in the Terminal > Experts tab.

Then open the EA on the same chart and enter the Magic Number into the EANumber parameter. Set Shutdown to true to prevent the EA from opening more baskets when the trades close.

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