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JTA_Sales.png   Testing Standards for All Products 
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The process for testing Expert Advisors (EA) is extremely important. We are always looking for new and/or better ways to make our EAs trade as safely as possible, whilst producing profits. This is an overview of that process. Our Pro-Tester Group (PTG) is set up specifically to carry out rigorous testing using tick data to produce safe and profitable set files. The Chief of Testing oversees this group and double checks its results for accuracy to ensure a quality test before sending the results to the Chief of Development for yet further review and testing. The results are then passed on to J Talon LLC President for final inspection complete with all documentation, including notes, pdf back test reports and visual aids, to be rejected or passed. The Chief of Design will give final approval should the President not be available.

Standards for Testing (Minimum level to meet)

  1. 5 minute chart time frame for set files unless specified
  2. Starting balance of USD 1000. An exception will me made for Setfiles using AutoLot, or Hedge the Hedge set files, where the account can start with a maximum of $5000.
  3. 99% Modeling quality using Tick Data
  4. Set files tested with a 2 pip spread variance
  5. 2 years minimum back test period
  6. Highest monthly profit potential possible with:
    Overall Draw Down < 20% non-aggressive set file
    Overall Draw Down < 35% aggressive set file
  7. Advanced Sliding Scale that starts testing right at the biggest historical DD spots, not random spots.
  8. Visual snapshots of the biggest DD area
  9. Snapshot of trade data at biggest DD area to match visual test
  10. PDF back test report with full details
  11. 500 tests minimum done per pair
  12. Forward testing set files commences immediately following
  13. Finished Set File
  14. Delivery of statement report, graph (GIF), setfile and a brief description to Chief of Design for publishing.
  15. On-going live performance regulation done by the Chief of Development
  16. Set files outside of the standard format and/or in testing will be labeled as "Beta Test Sets"

Our Goals (Desired level to meet)

  1. 5-10% profit monthly with: Overall Draw Down < 15%
  2. 1000 tests minimum done per pair
  3. All other Standards remain the same

Changes in code/versions:

  1. When code changes or new EA developed, Chief of Development will decide how to initially "test" then Chief of Testing will take new code or EA and decide how to divide up testing requirements amongst PTG members.
  2. PTG members test exactly what Chief of Testing forwards to them, no free-lancing.
  3. Chief of Testing/Development are authorized to free-lance but stay within standards.
  4. Assistant Chiefs of Development are authorized to free-lance and cross check submitted reports/sets from Chief of Testing.
  5. Reports and sets in pdf/standardized format will be forwarded to Chief of Testing for scrutiny.
  6. Chief of Testing and Chief of Development will decide on final product.
  7. Chief of Development will forward reports to Chief of Design and/or President for authorization to publish.
  8. Once authorization is given, Chief of Testing or Chief of Development will publish via company online database (JTAWiki). Forum announcement and newsletter announcements will follow
  9. Should code modification be required on "new code", Chief of Development will work with Chief of Design for changes and start process from step one.
  10. All code changes will be published on a monthly basis as needed. The 1st through the 5th of each month are code changes dates.

The above testing standards and goals are set in place to help the PTG meet the market’s demand for a quality product. These standards give our customers a basis by which to judge our product, our testing, and our overall quality. By testing in a variety of ways for the best possible settings and also by having many people "test the tests" we reduce human errors to a minimum. We are creating the industry’s leading ‘Standard’ so we can offer our clients the safest and most profitable products.

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