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Like most, ours begins in the early days of the internet. Around 1994, our founder, Jeff Hubbard, was in the United States Air Force. He was instructing in an aircraft called the T-38 Talon at Randolph Air Force Base just outside of San Antonio, Texas in the United States. Jeff was sure that something could be done to make money on this new “internet” but didn’t know where to start. He decided to start with naming his business first.

Jeff came up with the name Allen Associates. Using his middle name, he headed out to register his business with the local government. Unfortunately, the name Allen Associates was taken by a local law firm. After some thought, he elected to take the initial of his first name and change Allen to Talon because that was the aircraft he was flying at the time. Later on, he stated that Talon rhymed with Allen and he just simply liked the way it flowed. Thus, J Talon Associates was born and registered with the local county seat as a business in 1994. But what was the business?

After some thinking Jeff decided to teach himself the language of the internet. It was a new code called HTML. After some extensive searching, he found a way he could register his business name as a domain on the internet. Jtalon.com was born! He wrote a basic web site and decided to let the site sell long distance services as an associate of Sprint. The military took Jeff to many places and he didn’t have time to monitor or manage his new domain. He lost the rights to jtalon.com to massive domain name buyers and could not get it back.

The first online business was simply just a trial period for the newly formed J Talon Associates. Jeff’s military travels final brought him back to the United States where he decided to use the J Talon Associates name on Ebay in 2002. Ebay was a new and up-and-coming online auction site and it looked promising for establishing a reputation and business relationship with a new company called PayPal. It had been 8 years since J Talon Associates was formed but it was once again active as an online Ebay service (and still is). This entrepreneurial spirit was not at rest with Jeff though.

After a year of very simple and small Ebay sales, J Talon Associates became active in Real Estate in Arizona. Buying properties and renting them to customers seemed like a good adventure and it was! However, after 3 years, Jeff was approaching his 20 years of military service and decided to retire from the military and move away from Real Estate. After a successful Real Estate run, J Talon Associates was in search of another adventure, something that could be solely done, once again, via the internet. After many late nights watching infomercials in 2005, Jeff realized that Forex was something that seemed rather intriguing. After a year of self-study and research, Jeff became aware of the code that the MetaTrader 4 platform utilized for writing something called Expert Advisors. Expert Advisors were code that automatically traded Forex and Jeff saw the “promise” of trading automation. Jeff’s background was in Engineering and Computer Sciences so it seemed like a pretty good match. Write some code, create an Expert, make some money became the new mantra for J Talon Associates. Searching and scouring the internet for several years, Jeff landed over at Forex-TSD, a forum that was dedicated to like-minded individuals. This community was a wonderful starting ground for sharing ideas and meeting folks like Rob.

Rob Hoffman, a current day Development Group member, saw how Jeff was writing code. He introduced Jeff to a group of like-minded people and they formed a rudimentary email group to study various Expert Advisors. Mike Brown, another member of this group and an avid programmer came to Jeff with ideas for writing Expert Advisors. Mike and Jeff collaborated on their first joint project, an Expert called Hedge Action. To formalize the business, this group helped to fund J Talon Associates as a Limited Liability Company. An LLC is an entity like a corporation but with ownership like a sole proprietor. A very optimum situation for a small business in the United States. The on again, off again use of J Talon Associates was reborn as J Talon LLC in 2007. To keep things historically correct, Jeff also filed paperwork to continue to use the name J Talon Associates, or what we currently like to say is JTA. Filed in the state of Michigan in the United States, J Talon LLC with a DBA (doing business as) name of J Talon Associates (JTA) became an entity whose goal was to write and eventually sell Expert Advisors. So what happened to their first Expert?

Mike Brown passed away due to cancer related illness. Hedge Action turned out to have a major flaw and the project was scrapped. Jeff tried to convince this new group to work on an Expert Advisor that had merit but was a bit rough. The group disbanded over the 2008 year but Rob stuck with Jeff as he modified this public code called Blessing into Blessing 2 then eventually Blessing 3. Jeff knew that the only way to make this thing truly work was to share the work. Jeff had a plan for JTA.

Back to 1995! When Jeff created his first website, he became very familiar with HTML. Now, in 2009, Jeff knew the best way to support this new venture was to once again write a website, this time dedicated to the one Expert Advisor that showed promise. After writing several Expert Advisors and testing thousands, Jeff continued to work on just Blessing 3. And giving it away! A new day is about to start for JTA once this action was set in motion.

They came out of the forum. People with like-minded skills and ideas for Blessing 3 came and saw this work and effort JTA was putting into the one code, Blessing 3. Rob was there for initial collaboration but now Dave came in to offer assistance. Dave Edmondson, another self-taught C++ coder took Blessing 3 one step further. Several others saw this work. Dave and Jeff invited them to join the work. Ron, Aftab, Ming, Tommy, Andrea, and others joined in on the “action”. In mid-2009, Jeff suggested that they form the Development Group and officiate its existence with J Talon LLC. J Talon now had official, world-wide support on a collaborative project. This was still not enough for Jeff.

Realizing the potential of the Development Group, Jeff set the course for a new project. JTA was evolving into a world-wide business and he believed that with this new found brain trust they could create the best Expert Advisor money could buy. In late 2009, the Evolution project was started as the group’s first commercial product. Evolution, the first commercial product from J Talon LLC was officially announced in the fall of 2010 after Jeff created a new online forum and support service dedicated to Blessing 3. The website was enhanced, the forum was manned and the time was right to make JTA a world-wide success with the sale of its first product, Evolution in the spring of 2011. JTA was now world-wide! Others joined J Talon LLC and now are officially part of the Development Group of J Talon LLC.

After 17 years, J Talon LLC made it through several ups and downs. Currently staffed with 20 people world-wide, JTA wants to bring a new level of design and support to the Forex market by collaborating with the customers to create an even better solution. JTA still supports and gives away Blessing 3 and sells its first Expert Advisor, Evolution. JTA will increase its product offerings when the time is right. Various levels of services will be added to the mix and JTA will continue to grow. It had a long and slow start but JTA is on the brink of breakout success. We hope this short history of JTA gives some insight into the tenacious and entrepreneurial attitude of its founder, Jeff Hubbard. Jeff wishes to thank everyone who is now and will become involved with JTA either as a customer or representative.

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