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JTA_Sales.png   Introduction (Cable Gridder) 
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Cable Gridder is an Expert Advisor which is designed to run on the GBPUSD 30 minute chart, although you are quite welcome to test using different time frames and symbols.

It uses the Adaptive RSI indicator and/or a MARSI cross as its Entry Method, which can also be filtered using RSI Trend protection. Further trades will be added if required by the placing of a grid. It uses two separate baskets of trades - one long and one short - which can both be active at the same time if allowed. Additional trades can be added to the basket when the price goes against it, or even if the basket is making a profit. All trades are placed using market orders, and the EA does not use pending orders.

The lot size for each trade can be fixed, or based on the portion balance using money management. If your account is held in a currency other than USD and you are using Money Management then our proprietary Currency Convertor will ensure that the starting lot size is based on the same formula as used in our back tests.

There are three different methods for taking profits, and all three can utilize a trailing stop if required.

But Cable Gridder is not only about making profits, it is also about protecting your account balance when things do not go according to plan, by using Equity Protection. This is achieved by using portion control, maximum drawdown limits, power out stop losses and Emergency Close All.

There are several methods you can use to specify Trading Times, including a Time filter, Holiday Shut Down times, and ShutDown after basket close.

Cable Gridder can also provide you with Information, through the use of the Display Overlay, as well as lines to show BE and TP points and buttons for manual trade execution. You can view the main details of every open chart by using the JTA Dashboard. It can also save Account Balance and Equity statistics in order to allow you to create an equity chart.

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