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Version 1.0

Build 1.0.004

First release 22nd July, 2014

Build 1.0.005

  1. Changed: Lot size progression to ignore a compulsory increase of 0.01 lot at each level.
  2. Fixed: A bug where RT tried to delete a file which does not exist when testing.
  3. Fixed: A bug where the Buy grid trades showed the wrong message in the Experts tab.
  4. Changed: Manual Buy and Sell function in order to correctly set the next buy/sell points.
  5. Fixed: A bug where the Lot Size warning colour could be displayed incorrectly when MM is not in use.
  6. Fixed: A bug where the Profit Pips was shown incorrectly in the Dashboard.

Released 29th July, 2014.

Build 1.0.006

  1. Fixed: A bug in the Dashboard AutoUpdate function which did not download the file for beta copies.
  2. Fixed: A bug in the AutoUpdate critical error message format.
  3. Added: An 'X' button to toggle the AllowTrades status to false in oder to stop trading directly from the chart.
  4. Fixed: A bug in the RT_StepMA indicator where the indicator name did not reflect any changes made in the EA parameters when UseRTSettings is set to true.
  5. Added: EntryDistance sets the distance in pips for the first trade's trigger instead of using the GridStep.
  6. Fixed: A bug where the Currency Conversion did not return a value for accounts other than USD currency.

Released 22nd August, 2014

Build 1.0.007

  1. Fixed: A bug in the Lot Size array which could cause a zero divide error.
  2. Fixed: A bug in the RT_StepMA indicator which could cause an Array Out of Range error.
  3. Fixed: A bug in the MT4 bar open time for the current bar which may cause an Array out of range error when loading the EA at weekends.
  4. Fixed: A bug in the Stop Loss function where the basket closed immediately instead of after moving SLPips.
  5. Fixed: A bug in the StopTradePercent function which did not stop trading when the portion balance dropped below the stop trading balance.
  6. Added: Settings for BuyLimitMax, BuyLimitMin, SellLimitMax, and SellLimitMin which will not allow a trade to open if the current price is above or below the relevant setting.
  7. Fixed: A bug in the lot size calculation formula which incorrectly calculated the second (and all subsequent) lot sizes.
  8. Fixed: A bug in the calculation of the daily profit for the JTA Dashboard.
  9. Fixed: A bug in the display of the Profit Pips in the JTA Dashboard.
  10. Fixed: A bug in the JTA Dashboard where the chart link button occasionally did not work because of missing leading zeros in the ChartID GV.
  11. Added: GridLotMaxMult to restrict the value of the grid lot size when GridLot is in use.
  12. Added: LotRounding to determine whether the lot increases should be rounded up, down or to the nearest allowable lot size.

Released 11th September, 2014

Build 1.0.008

  1. Added: SetCountArray and GridSetArray to replace GridStep in order to define different grid sizes at different levels of the basket.

Released 17th September, 2014.

Build 1.0.009

  1. Fixed: A bug where the EA incorrectly allowed a manual hedge trade to open.
  2. Fixed: A bug where the manual Sell button did not reset the colours after use.
  3. Fixed: A bug where turning ShutDown off via the on screen button would remove the background gradient display.
  4. Added: If the Buy/Sell limits are in use and the price moves more than EntryDistance from the mid line then the mid point will be reset and the Next Buy/Sell trigger point recalculated.
  5. Fixed: A bug where the on screen limit lines could only be moved when there were no open trades.
  6. Added: TriggerTrailPA will allow the Buy/Sell trigger points for a new basket to trail the price as it moves away from the mid point.
  7. Changed: Rewritten the Trailing Stop function in order to prevent baskets closing at a loss when there is a gap in the price jumping over the TS and BE points.
  8. Changed: The AutoUpdate function will attempt to download the update file again if it is not present in the Upgrades folder.
  9. Fixed: A bug where the EA/Dashboard maximum Chart and DD limits were not initialised.
  10. Changed: The StopTrade function will only shut down trading if the portion balance reduces because of losses from that chart.
  11. Fixed: A bug where the Trigger points would be set even if trading was not allowed on the chart (even though trades would not be allowed to open if the trigger points were hit).
  12. Changed: If there is no open basket and trading is stopped because of trade hours etc. then the trigger points will be removed, and recreated when trading is again allowed.

Released 6th October, 2014.

Build 1.0.010

  1. Changed: The 'Next Trade' message on the overlay will now show the actual price for the next basket trade instead of 'at/above trigger point'.
  2. Changed: The Debug display of the Account Leverage will be updated every tick to cater for accounts with a variable leverage.
  3. Fixed: A bug where the EA did not correctly recognise a broker's minimum 0.1 lot size.
  4. Changed: When the TradeCloser function is closing trades from another chart any trade close arrows and trend lines will be removed from the chart, and all open/close/trend arrows will be created for the chart which owns the trades.

Released 22nd October, 2014.

Build 1.0.011

  1. Changed: ECA will now allow closing of trades even when AllowTrades is false.
  2. Changed: The ECA trade closure will disregard the usual spread and slippage restrictions.
  3. Changed: The Debug parameter has been removed and replaced with DebugLevel, which allows you to decide what level of Debug information you would like.

Released 24th November, 2014..

Build 1.0.012

  1. Changed: The RT_StepMA indicator will now show 'EA' in the name if the settings have been loaded from the EA.
  2. Fixed: A bug where a GridLot trade was incorrectly maxed out.
  3. Changed: The GridArray will be restricted to a minumum size if MaxTrades is set to a very high value.
  4. Fixed: A bug where the Trade Closer function may fail to close some trades.

Released 22nd December, 2014.

Build 1.0.013

  1. Fixed: A bug where the MaxTrades setting was ignored for values less than 10 or greater than 20.
  2. Fixed: A bug where the first trade of a basket is based on the second lot level instead of the first.

Released 6th January, 2015.

Build 1.0.014

Not yet released.

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