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JTA_Sales.png   Change File Log (Hedge the Hedge) 
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Version 1.0

Build 1.0.06

First release March 1st 2012

Build 1.0.07

  1. Changed: The calculation of NFP Friday now reflects the correct announcement dates.
  2. Changed: The Currency Conversion routine will display error messages if not calculating correctly.

Released March 13th, 2012

Build 1.0.08

  1. Fixed: A bug where the 0.01 lots per balance may not calculate correctly after a restart when MM is in use.
  2. Changed: The Dummy TP sent to the broker will now be increased by 5 pips every time the price gets close to the DummyTP point to allow the trailing stops to work in full.
  3. Fixed: A bug where the open basket could close at a loss when restarting the EA.
  4. Added: Timings when opening and modifying a trade.
  5. Changed: StatsInitialise will automatically be set to true when back testing, and the new default value is false for forward testing, and only needs to be changed if you need to start a new stats file for a live/demo account.
  6. Added: CloseAtMaxTrades if set to false will allow you to leave the basket open if the price crosses the channel again, instead of automatically closing it. The open basket will need to be monitored manually because the logic of the EA is being ignored, unless the existing TP point is hit or you add trades manually.

Released April 1st, 2012.

Build 1.0.09

  1. Fixed: A bug where the Profit Target was not displayed correctly after BreakEvenTrade had been reached.
  2. Changed: The number of open trades will display in orange after the BreakEvenTrade has been reached.
  3. Added: Code to allow EA to run in backtesting mode only.

Released April 24th, 2012 ('t' versions only)

Version 1.1

Build 1.1.10

  1. Added: Code to link into the JTA Dashboard.

No official release.

Build 1.1.11

  1. Changed: The Broker TP and SL settings now take into account the average spread for trades on the 'wrong' side of the channel.
  2. Changed: If the trade stop time is entered as 24 it will now show as 00:00 on the following day rather than 23:59.
  3. Fixed: A bug where trade sessions for the following day could be missed if they started less than 24 hours after the current broker time.
  4. Added: If DisplayBrokerTimes is set to true then all display and debug start and stop times will be shown at the broker's time zone. If left at the default of false the times will be displayed as the users input times, as they were previously.
  5. Added: The Debug information on the overlay will also show the actual EA Build number, and not the value in the UserComment which may be overwritten when loading an older set file.

Released June 11th, 2012

Build 1.1.012

  1. Fixed: A bug where the Buy and Sell buttons could allow a basket trade to open even if trading was not allowed if entry conditions are met.
  2. Fixed: A bug which would cause a zero divide error if MaxTrades was set to 1.
  3. Fixed: A bug where HH did not stop trading during the Holiday period.
  4. Fixed: A bug where the closing of a basket of trades would not be stopped if the spread or slippage maximums were exceeded.
  5. Added: The Debug overlay will now show the Functions file build number.
  6. Changed: The check for whether the broker allows trading has been moved from the init() routine to the start() routine.
  7. Added: F, M and P buttons which will open the Forum, Manual or Parameter pages in your default browser.

Released July 19th, 2012.

Build 1.1.013

  1. Fixed: A bug where the trade direction reversed after every basket close.
  2. Fixed: A bug where trading would not continue out of normal trading hours if there was still an open basket.
  3. Fixed: A bug where an incorrect start trading time was calculated if NFP trading hours was left blank.
  4. Fixed: A bug where the Closed Profit reported the cumulative figure instead of the profit for the current basket.
  5. Changed: The trade close routine to reduce the number of rejected executions because of slippage.
  6. Added: Code to prevent URL Links to display on SkyDesks and IamFX versions.

Released August 17th, 2012

Build 1.1.014

  1. Fixed: A bug where the Buy and Sell buttons would not open a trade when the price was within the channel.
  2. Changed: Refined NFP Friday calculation to take account of New Year's Day delay and Independence Day Holiday early release.
  3. Fixed: A bug where running an optimisation on an account which has the JTA_Dashboard running would cause the DashBoard to malfunction.
  4. Changed: If SaveStats is set to true, the stats file name will now be UserComment.csv and not based on the EA name etc., which will allow you to choose your own stats file name.
  5. Changed: Demo Test versions no longer check that the EA is being run on a demo account, as this produces false information when being run offline.
  6. Changed: The default value of CloseAtMaxTrades has been changed to false.

Released December 9th, 2012

Build 1.1.015

  1. Added: Trade date to list of open trades.
  2. Added: AllowBasketTrades option to restrict new basket trades outside of normal trading hours.
  3. Added: Auto-Update function.
  4. Added: Automatic calculation for the Easter Holiday trade break.
  5. Added: Allow Trades button.
  6. Added: 'B', 'O', 'T', 'E', and 'D' buttons for control of overlay display.
  7. Fixed: A bug where the manual buy/sell confirmation message box sometimes showed an incorrect lot size.
  8. Added: Maximum Charts and Drawdown restrictions.
  9. Added: A check to ensure that the Bid and Ask prices can not be erroneously set to 0 causing trades to open/close incorrectly.
  10. Changed: The installer file will no longer shut down Guardian if the license already exists (after the first installation).

Released July 3rd, 2013.

Version 1.2

Build 1.2.016

  1. Changed: The installer file will now require you to close the MT4 application before installation of the files to ensure that any upgrades to dll files can be installed.
  2. Added: Expanded the log file message when closing a basket because the calculated lot size is greater then the broker's maximum.
  3. Fixed: A bug where the Order Open function showed the previously selected order's ticket number in the log file instead of the new ticket number.
  4. Changed: Reworked all code to comply with MT4 build 600+ revised MQL language.

Released February 18th, 2014.

Build 1.2.017

  1. Changed: Reworked more code to comply with MT4 build 600+ revised MQL language.
  2. Added: CID Swapper to enable the user to change their own CIDs.

Released March 4th, 2014.

Build 1.2.018

  1. Changed: Reworked more code to comply with MT4 build 600+ revised MQL language.
  2. Fixed: A bug where the JTA Dashboard button was permanently displayed, even if the Dashboard was not running.
  3. Changed: Database access routines to reduce performance issues.
  4. Changed: Errors in the SaveStats function will no longer stop the EA from trading - you will just receive an error message.

Released March 18th, 2014.

Build 1.2.019

  1. Fixed: Bug causing incorrect parameter values after automatic restart from CID Authorisation.
  2. Fixed: Bug where the Automatic Update saved to the wrong folder.

Released April 2nd, 2014.

Build 1.2.020

  1. Changed: The Debug display of the Account Leverage will be updated every tick to cater for accounts with a variable leverage.

Not yet released.

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