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JTA_Sales.png   Change File Log (Blessing Pro!) 
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Version 1.0

Build 1.0.010

Beta release February 25th, 2013.

Build 1.0.011

  1. Changed: Removed Demo only restriction.
  2. Changed: Optimised code for faster back testing.
  3. Added: Error button to display whenever the EA stops trading because of a serious error, with a link to the error description and solution in the Wiki.
  4. Changed: Improved functions for opening, modifying and closing trades.

Released 19th June, 2013.

Build 1.0.012

  1. Fixed: A bug in the AutoUpdate function.
  2. Fixed: A bug which caused the SmartGrid lines to remain on the chart when SmartGrid was not in use.
  3. Added: A check to ensure that the Bid and Ask prices can not be erroneously set to 0 causing trades to open/close incorrectly.
  4. Changed: The installer file will no longer shut down Guardian if the license already exists (after the first installation).

Released July 3rd, 2013

Version 1.1

Build 1.1.013

  1. Changed: The installer file will now require you to close the MT4 application before installation of the files to ensure that any upgrades to dll files can be installed.
  2. Fixed: A bug where the Order Open function showed the previously selected order's ticket number in the log file instead of the new ticket number.
  3. Fixed: A bug in the lot size calculation which occurred when MaxTrades is less than Level
  4. Fixed: A bug in the MaximizeProfit function which would lose the trailing stop point when the Trailing Stop was in use.
  5. Added: TRDistance to calculate the distance for the trend channel to indicate a ranging market instead of using MADistance.
  6. Added: The Trend distance to indicate a ranging market can also use the ATR of the chart. If TrendATRFactor is greater than 0 then that percentage of the ATR will be used to set the channel above and below the MA line. If the ATR is used it will override the TRDistance setting.
  7. Fixed: A bug in the placing of new grid levels when UseStealthOrders was false.
  8. Added: PortionChange parameter to allow the user to decide whether the portion balance should be allowed to increase, decrease or remain constant if the account balance changes while a basket is open.
  9. Fixed: A bug in the Trailing Stop function which would remove the trailing stop if the price moved back past the trigger point.
  10. Changed: The TSLProtectBEPips function will now work with any value of TSLStartAt greater than 0 (previously restricted to TSLStartAt of 2).
  11. Changed: Reworked all code to comply with MT4 build 600+ revised MQL language.

Released February 18th, 2014.

Build 1.1.014

  1. Changed: Reworked more code to comply with MT4 build 600+ revised MQL language.
  2. Added: CID Swapper to enable the user to change their own CIDs.

Released March 4th, 2014.

Build 1.1.015

  1. Changed: Reworked more code to comply with MT4 build 600+ revised MQL language.
  2. Changed: Database access routines to reduce performance issues.
  3. Changed: Errors in the SaveStats function will no longer stop the EA from trading - you will just receive an error message.

Released March 18th, 2014.

Build 1.1.016

  1. Fixed: Bug causing incorrect parameter values after automatic restart from CID Authorisation.
  2. Fixed: Bug where the Automatic Update saved to the wrong folder.

Released April 2nd, 2014.

Build 1.1.017

  1. Changed: The Debug display of the Account Leverage will be updated every tick to cater for accounts with a variable leverage.

Not yet released.

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