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Before Blessing V3.7

Source Code Executable Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 2 v3.3.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v3.3.ex4 File:Blessing 2 v3.4.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v3.4.ex4
File:Blessing 2 v3.5.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v3.5.ex4 File:Blessing 2 v4.0.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.0.ex4
File:Blessing 2 v4.1.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.1.ex4 File:Blessing 2 v4.2.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.2.ex4
File:Blessing 2 v4.3.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.3.ex4 File:Blessing 2 v4.4.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.4.ex4
File:Blessing 2 v4.5.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.5.ex4 File:Blessing 2 v4.6.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.6.ex4
File:Blessing 2 v4.7.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.7.ex4 File:Blessing 2 v4.8.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.8.ex4
File:Blessing 2 v4.9.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v4.9.ex4 File:Blessing 2 v5.0.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v5.0.ex4
File:Blessing 2 v5.1.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v5.1.ex4 File:Blessing 2 v5.2.mq4 File:Blessing 2 v5.2.ex4
File:Blessing v3.mq4 File:Blessing v3.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.1.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.1.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.2.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.2.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.3.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.3.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.4.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.4.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.5.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.5.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.6.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.1.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.1.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.6.2.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.2.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.3.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.3.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.6.4.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.4.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.5.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.6.5.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.7


Too numerous to mention, please read the manual and go to J Talon LLC to see.

Source Code Executable Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.1.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.1.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.2.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.2.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.3.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.3.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.7.4

fixes several bug issues found by member of the forum

Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.4.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.4.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.7.5

OrderModify bug fixed to be compatible with older versions

Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.5.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.5.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.7.6

  1. The hedge trailing stop sometimes got stuck at BE, instead of following the price.
  2. The hedge DD start was being re-initialized at the wrong time (should be when the basket closes, not when the hedge closes).
  3. Fixed a potential problem if the SmartGrid RSI Period was less than the RSI MA Period.
  4. Fixed Closed 0 Positions problem, caused if ca=5.
  5. Fixed the calculation of MaxDD%
Source Code Executable Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.6.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.6.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.7.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.7.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.8.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.8.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.9.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.9.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.10.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.10.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.11.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.11.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.12.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.12.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.13.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.13.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.14.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.14.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.15.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.15.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.16.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.16.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.17.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.17.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.18.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.18.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.19.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.19.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.20.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.20.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.21.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.21.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.22.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.22.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.23.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.23.ex4
File:Blessing 3 v3.7.24.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.24.ex4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.25.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.7.25.ex4

Blessing 3 V3.8

Changes from V3.7.6

  1. Fixed: a bug in the grid calculation if AutoCal is set to True.
  2. Fixed: a zero divide error caused by B3 opening both a buy and sell trade if B3Traditional = false, and the trend is ranging.
  3. Fixed: a bug where the MoveTP in the MaximizeProfit routine would be ignored if the TakeProfit was recalculated for any reason.
  4. Fixed: a bug where the basket may not be closed when the Profit Target was reached if the total moves had been made in the MaximizeProfit routine.
  5. Changed: the number of open lots will now display in orange when the break even level has been #reached.
  6. Changed: Point*BrokerDecimal has been changed to Points.
  7. Fixed: A couple of bugs in the hedge feature.
  8. Fixed: A minor bug in the holiday routine.
  9. Fixed: A bug where the StopTradePercent may be triggered because of losses from Hedge/CloseOldest trades, but the basket would remain open.
  10. Changed: New MM logic, using Lot Multiplier.
  11. Changed: If the BreakEvenTrade is reached, the Profit Potential will now reflect the actual profit for the basket.
  12. Added: BEPlusPips - When the basket level reaches BreakEvenTrade, it will close when the price hits BreakEven plus/minus BEPlusPips.
  13. Added: hTakeProfit - any hedge trade will close when the TakeProfit value is reached.
  14. Added: displayRatio - used to increase the label width spacing.
  15. Added: displayColorProfit - default color of the profit display characters.
  16. Added: displayColorLoss - default color of the loss display characters.
  17. Removed: RecoverBrokerCosts - these are now automatically accounted for
  18. Added: setting to change foreground color
  19. Fixed: Bug in MM for min lot size of .1
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.8.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.8.ex4

Blessing 3 V3.8.1

  1. Fixed a bug where the starting lot would not calculate properly if the portion balance dropped.
  2. Fixed a bug where the lot multiplier was reset to 1 if B3 was reloaded/recompiled/settings changed.
  3. Fixed a bug where the TP line was incorrectly displayed if the open hedge lots were equal to the open basket lots.
  4. Fixed a bug where the hedge function could sometimes open another trade if B3 was reloaded/recompiled/settings changed.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.8.1.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.8.1.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.8.2

  1. An error message will be displayed if the Lot size entered is less than the brokers minimum lot size.
  2. If money management is used, the Lot setting will be the minimum lot size allowed.
  3. Changing UsePowerOutSL to true/false will set/delete the Power Out stop loss.
  4. Fixed: a bug where the the lot size increases were not correctly calculated on accounts with a minimum lot of 0.1.
  5. All trades in the basket will be closed in the order that they were opened, to comply with the FIFO rule.
  6. Fixed: A bug where the LinearLotSize was not taken into account when calculating the starting lot if MM is used.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.8.2.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.8.2.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.8.3

  1. Fixed: A bug where the stored lot multiplier was not unique to each instance of Blessing.
  2. Added: It is now possible to optimize the grid and TP arrays. NOTE: the new settings will only work in optimization mode, and will have no effect during normal operation.
  3. Changed: The screen overlay will not be erased if testing.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.8.3.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.8.3.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.9

  1. Changed: The Stochastic indicator has been untied from the BollingerStochEntry, and both BollingerBands and Stochastic can be used as separate entry methods, by using BollingerEntry and StochEntry.
  2. Fixed: A bug where the lot decimal was incorrectly calculated for 0.05 lot size.
  3. Fixed: A bug where a trade could be opened in a ranging market when both Buy and Sell conditions were met for different entry methods, even if UseAnyEntry was set to false.
  4. Changed: IBFXMicro has been renamed NanoAccount.
  5. Added: MACD has been added as a separate entry method, MACDEntry
  6. Changed: the TP and trailing stop values are now all based on pips, and not on amounts because of the errors in calculating PipValue.
  7. Changed: The Grid array optimization option will only be effective if UseGridOpt is set to true - if left at false then the SetCountArray will be used during optimization.
  8. Added: The closing of trades using FIFO has now been made optional, by using the variable UseFIFO.
  9. Fixed: A bug where the debug labels would not display if the parameters were changed.
  10. Added: An option to play sounds if PlaySounds is set to true.
  11. Fixed: A bug where the lot size for a grid level could be incorrectly calculated on a forward test if a backtest was run on the same chart and timeframe at the same time.
  12. Removed: LinearLotSize, because with the new lot size calculation, setting a multiplier of 1 will automatically set a linear lot size.
  13. Added: Hedge fixed stop loss. hFixedSL
  14. Changed: Instead of checking for and closing one pending order, Blessing will now close all pending orders, so it will also close any pending trades added manually.
  15. Added: There is still an intermittent bug, which sometimes causes Blessing to hang with the display showing 'Waiting for next tick ....'. There is a temporary debug routine which will display numbers after the 'waiting' message - if this occurs to you, please post a message in the 'Reporting Possible Bug' thread quoting the last number displayed. Thank you.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.9.1

SERIOUS Bug found in 3.9...corrected and republished as 3.9.1

Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.1.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.1.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.9.2

  1. Changed: If MaximizeProfit is set to true, the potential TP at ProfitSet % will be displayed as a dashed gold line as soon as the basket opens, rather than after the required target has been met.
  2. Fixed: A bug where the basket would close too soon if MaximizeProfit was true, and a hedge trade was open.
  3. Fixed: A bug where the Hedge Stop Loss would trail the price if hFixedSL was set to true.
  4. Changed: The grid size calculation in the AutoCal function was based on the ATR of the last 21 daily bars. This has been changed to the last 21 bars of the chart which B3 is running on.
  5. Fixed: A bug where the hedge level was reset to the incorrect value if Blessing was restarted.
  6. Added: Blessing will not place a trade if the current spread is greater than MaxSpread, if MaxSpread is greater than 0.
  7. Changed: If Multiplier is set to less than 1, there will be no lot increments at each level - all lot sizes will be the same as Lot.
  8. Fixed: A bug which did not allow BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP trades being placed in a ranging market if UseAnyEntry was false.
  9. Changed: Setting UsePowerOutSL to false will no longer automatically delete any stop loss. To delete all stop loss settings you must leave UsePowerOutSL at true, and set POSLPips to 0. If UsePowerOutSL is set to false, you can set/remove stop losses from any/all open trades.
  10. Removed: The calculation which limits the number of open lots to 100 (50 for Nano accounts).
  11. Added: The ability to save to file the Balance, High and Low Equity of the chart at regular intervals. If used during a backtest, this data, in csv format, can be loaded into Excel, and used to create a graph of the balance and drawdown over the period of the test. If used on several charts over the same test period, the data can be combined to give a picture of the overall balance and drawdown for all charts, to simulate what would happen on a live account running several charts.
  12. There are 2 new variables:
    1. StatsPeriod 3600 which gives the number of seconds between each data point, and defaults to 1 hour. Set this value to 0 to turn the function off.
    2. StatsInitialise true which if true tells EV to start a new file, and if false will add to the existing file. While backtesting it should be set to true, to generate a new file for each test. If using on a live/demo account then set it to false so the data is appended to the existing file.
      The files are saved in the experts/files folder for live/demo accounts, and tester/files folder for backtests. The file name is in the format: Chart-Period-EANumber.csv, so if running on USDJPY H1 with an EA Number of 1, the file name would be USDJPY-60-1.csv. All backtest EANumbers are 0, no matter what the value entered in EANumber.
      Thanks to ianj for the idea, and supplying the original code.
  13. Changed: I've discovered that one of the reasons why LotMult is reset to 1 can be caused by an abnormal shutdown of the MT4 terminal - if there's a power out or a VPS reset then the Global Variables are not saved and can be reset to 0. To overcome this I've changed the file saved on the hard disk to have the first trade ticket number rather than the first trade open time. This allows both the first trade time and lot size to be recovered, which will ensure that the correct LotMult is always used.
    When upgrading from a previous version, Blessing should create the new file with no problem, unless the first trade has already been closed, either by the Close Oldest function or manually. CAUTION: If the first trade has been closed, then do not upgrade until the basket has closed - use the Very Safe method.
  14. Fixed: A bug where the Base TP calculation did not take GAF into account.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.2.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.2.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.9.3

  1. Fixed: A bug where the basket would not close at TP when the BreakEvenTrade had been reached.
  2. Changed: The error message 'Check the Experts Tab' has been changed to 'Check the Journal Tab' if the error occurs while running a backtest.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.3.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.3.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.9.4

  1. Fixed: A bug where the basket would not close once TP had been reached.
  2. Fixed: A bug where the basket closed at the wrong price if a hedge trade is open.
  3. Changed: After a hedge trade has closed, Blessing will recalculate the Hedge DD percentage before setting the next hedge ReEntryPC.
  4. Fixed: A bug where the basket would not close properly when BEPlusPips was negative.
  5. Fixed: A bug where the basket lot size would not reflect a change to Lot if a basket is open and UseMM is set to false.
  6. Fixed: A bug where MaxSpread would not allow a trade to open if set to 0.
  7. Added: If FMC is set at anything other than 3, the trend display will show another arrow indicating the actual direction of the trend if it differs from the direction of the trend being forced.
  8. Added: If B3Traditional is changed from true to false, B3 will now close any pending orders.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.4.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.4.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.9.5

  1. Changed: Streamlined the Holiday Shutdown code to make backtesting faster.
  2. Changed: If a hedge trade is manually opened, the trade will be managed even if UseHedge is set to false.
  3. Fixed: A bug where the BE and TP lines were not displayed correctly when a hedge trade was open.
  4. Changed: No trades will be allowed to open or close when Blessing is first run (e.g. after parameter changes).
  5. Changed: The trigger for closing basket trades is now solely based on the TP point.
  6. Changed: All parameters for TimeFrame have been changed to use digits from 0 to 9, so they can be used in the optimization process.
    Values are: 0:Chart; 1:M1; 2:M5; 3:M15; 4:M30; 5:H1; 6:H4; 7:D1; 8:W1; 9:MN1 (bear in mind that if you load an old set file, this parameter may be overwritten, but you must still set the value between 0 and 9).
  7. Added: When the next grid level entry delay has passed, the next entry point will be shown by a Red Dash-Dot-Dot line.
  8. Fixed: A bug in the Statistics Equity calculation, which added the DD to the balance instead of deducting it.
  9. Fixed: A bug in the Holiday dates function which could cause the EA to get stuck showing the 'Waiting for next tick' message.
  10. Added: Basket Stop Loss - will close all basket trades at a loss when the price moves SLPips from BE.
  11. Added: Profit Trailing Stop Loss - if TSLPips is a positive number, a stop loss will trail the price once the basket is TSLPips in profit.
  12. Added: Profit Trailing Reducing Stop Loss - if TSLPips is a negative value, a stop loss will trail the price once the basket is TSLPips in profit, but the trailing stop will reduce by 1 pip for each 2 pips additional profit. The trailing stop will not reduce past the value set in TSLPipsMin.
  13. Fixed: A bug where the LotMultiplier would not calculate correctly in some cases due to MT4 precision.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.5.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.5.ex4

Blessing 3 v3.9.6

  1. Added: Trading will not be allowed if your broker has dis-allowed EAs (Error 133).
  2. Added: The user can now choose their own font using displayFont.
  3. Fixed: A bug in the calculation of the BE point and TP line when hedge trades were open.
  4. Added: When UseCloseOldest is set to true, the oldest trade of the basket will only close if the trade open price is on the 'wrong' side of the BE point. The new setting ForceCloseOldest when set to true will now close this trade under all circumstances.
  5. Fixed: A bug in the calculation of BE and TP when hedge trades are open.
  6. Added: AutoCal can now be used with a user selectable time frame (ATRTF) and user defined period (ATRPeriods).
  7. Fixed: When Blessing is trying to close a trade during the first run it will no longer get stuck in a loop.
  8. Fixed: A bug in the calculation of the BE line when a manual hedge trade is opened.
  9. Fixed: A bug in the declaration of the Testing and Visual variables after their first use.
  10. Fixed: A bug in the resetting of the open time of the first trade causing incorrect lot sizes when Blessing is restarted.
  11. Fixed: A bug which could cause a zero divide error if the calculated grid size was 0.
  12. Fixed: A bug in the opening of a sell limit trade which deducted the EntryOffset instead of adding it.
  13. Fixed: A bug in the holiday routine which could allow trades if Blessing was started during a holiday period.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.ex4

Released June 11th, 2012.

Blessing 3 v3.9.6.06

  1. Fixed: A bug where the Holiday Dates did not update on the overlay.
  2. Fixed: A bug where pending orders may not be cancelled due to MT4 rounding errors.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.06.ex4

Released July 19th, 2012.

Blessing 3 v3.9.6.07

  1. Fixed: A bug where the Maximize Profit function only made one move for short trades.
  2. Fixed: A bug in the Email function where an uncaught error message could cause an email every tick.
  3. Added: A check to ensure that the Bid and Ask prices can not be erroneously set to 0 causing trades to open/close incorrectly.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.07.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.07.ex4

Released 6th August, 2103.

Blessing 3 v3.9.6.08

  1. Fixed: A bug in the Save Stats function.
  2. Added: The portion balance will not be allowed to reduce after an EP hit on another chart to prevent a domino effect causing EP hits on all charts in DD.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.08.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.08.ex4

Released October 28th, 2013.

Blessing 3 v3.9.6.09

  1. Changed: Code to allow B3 to compile with build 600 of MT4.
Source Code Executable
File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.09.mq4 File:Blessing 3 v3.9.6.09.ex4

Released February 04, 2014.

Blessing 3 v3.9.6.10

Source Code Executable

Not yet released.

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