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We want to formally welcome SkyDesks as our launch business partner! With a patent pending solution to Virtual Private Machines or "Virtual Machines", SkyDesks, along with Evolution, will be truly the next Evolution of trading FOREX in the clouds!


Affiliate Warnings and Disclaimers

J Talon LLC is NOT registered with the NFA. J Talon LLC is a designer of custom Expert Advisors for the MetaTrader 4 platform trading FOREX currencies. We are not a brokerage, IB, CPO, CPA or any other of the many definitions the NFA places on companies who manage or otherwise trade funds for clients. Many brokers have expressed an interest in collaborating with J Talon LLC for client solicitation. This affiliate relationship is allowed for overseas brokerages but is strictly forbidden by US brokerages. If you are a US client seeking the services of brokerages, we wish you luck but do not use the banners or advertisements below to establish a brokerage account. These affiliate accounts are provided for our overseas clients who wish to establish a relationship with the brokers listed below.

Ready to trade live? Like our products and know how to use them? Do you have at least $2500 and are a non-US client? If you are this ready, IamFX is ready for you!

Get a free VPS, free J Talon products (all of them) to trade once you sign up with a live trading account. This is the best live trading solution out there coupled with the best grid traders on the planet. Just click on the banner and you are on your way!

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Get paid to trade - win or lose!

We've partnered with Cash Back Forex so you can get rebates for your trading. Forex Peace Army give Cash Back Forex 5 out of 5 stars so you owe it to yourself to check it out. Cash Back Forex have many brokers that do rebate trading. We want you to get “paid to trade” and we believe we have the automated trading solutions to get that done. We want you to take advantage of this wondrous opportunity and have created incentives for you to do so. Already have a broker? They can use your current broker to get you your rebates! Visit their site to see if you are eligible. Already getting rebates? Cash Back Forex will beat them! You owe it to yourself to get the most for your trading so go to Cash Back Forex and check them out. Simply click on the banner.


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