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If your account is a Nano account, and you would like to use the same lot sizes as calculated for a normal account then you should set the variable NanoAccount to true. If you would like the Nano Account to trade with reduced size lots because you have a small account balance, then leave NanoAccount at its default value of false.

A Nano account is one where the forex contract size is $10,000 rather than the normal $100,000. You can check the contract size by opening the Strategy Tester, selecting a forex chart for the Symbol, opening the Symbol Properties and check the value of Contract Size.

These accounts are also sometimes known as 'Penny-a-Pip' Accounts.

If you set NanoAccount to true and the EA can determine that it is not a Nano Account then the EA will stop running and display a warning message, which you must confirm before being allowed to continue.

For the purposes of this WIKI, the following terms are used to describe different account types:

Standard Account - Contract $100,000 with Minimum Lots of 1.0
Mini Account - Contract $100,000 with Minimum Lots of 0.1
Micro Account - Contract $100,000 with Minimum Lots of 0.01
Nano Account - Contract $10,000 with Minimum Lots of 0.01

Warning.png If you set NanoAccount to true when your account is not a Nano account then all lot size calculations will be 10 times their proper values, and you will certainly increase drawdown and the chances of having an Equity Protection hit.

Default is False
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