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This is a list of holiday periods when you want the EA to stop trading, each separated by a comma, in the format [day]/[mth]-[day]/[mth].

All dates are inclusive, and each set of holiday periods will be repeated every calendar year.

Default is 18/12-01/01

Blessing Pro!

Blessing Pro! can also automatically stop trading over the Easter period. The information is entered in the format 'E-2+3', where the E tells the EA that it is an Easter break, the -2 will shut down for the 2 days before the Easter weekend, and +3 will stop trading for 3 days after the Easter weekend. The date of the Easter weekend is automatically calculated, and both the - and + portions must be present. If you do not want to restrict trading during one of the periods then enter -0 or +0, but note that the EA will not trade on either Good Friday or Easter Monday.

Default is 18/12-02/01,E-3+3

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